The DAYS in my perspective.

Please not that I hereby do not mean to hurt or offend anybody with regard to the days of commemoration.In example Mother’s and Father’s days.
This is purely based on my view and the way I see it in my part of the world.Where old age homes are high in the rise.
Hence, we should honor our parents every day of the year. The modern practice of singling out a special day to honor them is done with a good intention, as a means to remind us and renew our commitment to serve them .
I agree….whole heartedly.
Nevertheless, it should not be a cause for neglect during the rest of the year, as every day is Mother’s or Father’s Day according to my opinion .
In my personal point of view I do not agree with the fact of having a specific day to remember one’s parents.
Parents should be given priority and remembered always by every child.For the unconditional love and sacrifices they have provided and the love and commitment they still have towards us.The same way we do to our children as parents.


Now let us see….,apart from the days for mother and father ,has anybody come out with an idea of having a similar day for the Offspring?
Can we ever imagine of having a ‘Daughter’s day’ or a ‘Son’s day’? A day once a year Just to think of them and to know what they’re upto?
In that case the fate of the children would be pathetic.
According to my religion and the country where I’m from it was not a practice to commemorate such days in the past .But things have changed now with the mind set of the present generation, having being prone to obay all what the media suggests.Thus making it as a social obligation.
What’s the point in posting lengthy poems and sayings on social media on such a day ,where as the mother doesn’t seem to have an account or know anything about it.In my part of the world not all mothers in my generation and above are tech minded.Still there are mothers who belong to the old books of thoughts.She who would be still busy right round the clock doing the household chores, winning the bread,or isolated somewhere,while her child uploads posts with out pouring love and effection .With the view of getting likes and comments.So this I would say is publicity oriented.To show the world,that he or she cares and not for the sake of love.
Parents especially Mother deserves to be honored, loved and given priority,throughout the year.As parents they may be aged or old fashioned but they deserve to be given priority.For if not for them we would be no where.


Looking back at all what parents have done,in return I personally suggest having them with us in our lives,talking to them, making them feel happy and most of all making them feel wanted is all what they need.So by doing that it would definitly make them feel on top of the world.


3 thoughts on “The DAYS in my perspective.

  1. It is unfortunate that our world has gotten so possessed with new ideas and change that we often forget the wisdom and support of older people–most significantly our parents. And technology certainly makes it easier to just post something on Facebook and think that is the most important way to show love for family. While it isn’t terrible to have a special day for mothers or fathers (or anyone else), as you have pointed out, we need to remember that showing our love and support on a daily basis is much more important.

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  2. I agree with the commemorating on a specific day. The ~idea of it is lovely, but the shadow side to it is that it is empty. One would no sooner find a piece of art that stirs the soul because someone else said so, than we can love and honour our parents one day per year – with grand gestures no less. With kindness and love in our hearts, honour and love is available quietly all days.

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