My submission to Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge

She gives her shadows a shake.

And sobs until the tears make.

The only other sound’s the break,

Of distant waves and birds awake.

The shadows are long, dark and deep

But she has promises to keep,

Until then she shall not sleep.

She lies in bed with ducts that weep.

I had to go deep down my photo archives to find the perfect pic for the currant topic although going through old photographs made me feel nostalgic.The above pics were taken by phone camera almost a decade ago and the poem I composed as it came just now. Hope I’ve done justice for this weeks topic.

Much love



She Moon

Picture Credit to my phone camera.

Far away she stands alone up high.

looking down at all the happenings,

underneath the silver sky.

In the ocean of sparkling stars,

There stands a single Moon,

Lonely but still smiling In this dark

misty noon.


Mother Nature.

So wonderful today.

The chirping birds make sound so sweet,
The clear blue sky oh! So high,
The sea is so deep and intense,
The many gardens and their fence,
The mountains so big and huge,
The forests giving out some clues,
The intensity of the wind and air,
Tells us, look around, something is there,
Yes, I am nature, and love me to the core,
I am Mother nature!

Picture captured by me when I visited Ratnepura the land of gems in Srilanka