In the shadow of the Peacock~   WPC~21/1/17~Graceful 

All photos taken by me on my visit to The Walk in Aviary, Kaula Lumpur,Malaysia.

This Bird Park is claimed to be the World’s largest free-flight walk-in aviary with so many birds moving around freely amid natural-looking landscaped gardens ,where one would easily forget that the place is covered with a giant net canopy.

My submission to the Weekly Photo challenge titled Graceful.

Til next time 💚 Shahz.


Èn maranththai?

Naan ennei Vida unnai than kadaliththen 

Ennei vida unnaithan kavaniththen 

Ennei vida unnaithan arvaniththen 

Ithu ellawattrayum oru nodiyil Maranthuvittaye Èn???

Naan ellorayum vida unnaithane nesiththen

Ellorayum vida unnaithane ethirpaththen

Ellavatrayum vida unnaithane padukaththen.

Ore oru nodiyil ellawattrayum 

Muttrilum Maranthuvittaye Èn..?


Why did you forget?

I loved you more than me

Cared for more than me

Consoled you more than me

You forgot all of these in just a second.. WHY?

My effection towards you was more than the others

My expectations towards you was more than the others

My protectiveness towards you was more than the others .

But still ,you entirely forgot about everything in just a second…WHY?

*My very first take on Tamil poetry.Might not sound so well or grammatically perfect since I haven’t mastered the literal side of it as yet.I’m Just an amateur with a bit of fluency in speaking, reading  and understanding.. Pardon me if there’s any grammatical errors with the poem as well as the translation.

A heart invites. 

​Come when I’m happy

Or come when I’m sad

Come to my heart so I would be glad

Come when the nights are bright with stars

Or when the moon is out of sight

Come when the Sun’s golden rays

hovers the fields 

Or when the twilight’s full of breeze

Come my love whenever you may

Come in the night or come in the day

Come when the years first flowers bloom

Or when the tree’s last leaf fall

Come when the summer gleams and glows

Or when the winter freezes in snow

Come to my heart and bring it to rest 

Like a bird flying home to its welcoming nest.


In response to the Daily prompt ~Invitation