Happiness is……

Hello everyone.
Its great to be back again after summer vacation .As in Srilanka summer this time is unbearably hot so hot that by evening we are totally drained out.Temperature ranging between 36°-45°F,
Going out between 12-6pm is pure outrageous.Anyway we were not confronted to home though.
Here are some of the activities I enjoyed  doing with my family during this period.

1~Road trip.

And so it was summer holidays for the  kids as well and we all badly needed a break ,So to beat the heat we decided to go on a road trip to Kandy.


All geared up for a great  Chill out.

Kandy an elevated city in Srilanka, approximately 1600 ft above sea level is also known as Srilankas hill capital.
Avoiding the hustle and bustle in Kandy town  we drove into a much interior place called DIGANA. Digana afew kilometers away from the town is  Surrounded by lush greenery and over looks the well known Mahaweli river.

We checked in at Oruthotu Chalets.A beautiful scenic place where nature’s at it’s best.

We got  our  Chalet with a private pool.So the first thing was a dip in the icy cold pool .





Having being so close to nature all we did here was relax,eat and sleep.So we did for two full days.

2~To the Movies.
The Jungle Book
Although my kids are young adults already it was fun watching it with them,once again on big screen though.


Going down memory lane…this was my very first cartoon movie to watch on  big screen as a kid.

3~Bollywood Treat.


Movie time for the whole fambam. Hubby and me Loved watching this mainly because of SRK, who possesses a huge fan power in Srilanka too.

4~Exploring new places.
Maccachito~the new cafe in town


Situated in a leading shopping mall in Colombo, had a wonderful time trying out their desserts with my one and only daughty.

With that concludes our 2week summer break.
Now it’s back to life,back to reality!

Til next time 💜


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