I’m Shaz,from a tiny island called Srilanka.Having been born for more than four decades,once a pre- school teacher and now a devoted wife, and a full time mom of three adorable grownup kids.Writing short essays have always been a pleasure for me as a kid.My penning began by writing letters to my dad who was working overseas,which was sadly put to a halt ever since we got our first telephone connection .Which made me neglect my creative writing skills.But Alas!!! finally..Being thankful to technology, here I go again.., but this time  typing instead of penning.My posts will be mostly on litaral language lacking elaboration since I’m not a rather descriptive type of person and my poems may lack poetic techniques which I have not yet mastered  I may sound abit old schooled too but will be scribbling as and then on whatever pops up my mind ,topics ranging from my Mug to my Tab.

In this blog I wish to publish my point of view and thoughts STRAIGHT FROM MY HEART on various topics with whatever I feel comfortable in sharing.

Hope you would enjoy my ramblings.

Thank you.



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