Hello Spring!

​Blooms here blooms there 

Eye catching everywhere 

Sakura flower filled branches

Decorating the air

It seems like Pink Cherries

To the eyes when looked up

And feels like soft feathers

When it showers from top

Grass becomes Pink 

Like soft Pink snow 

Not letting you to wink

For a moment or so

Earth becomes Heaven 

When it is in full bloom

Sending showers of blessings

From Heaven to home.

Not many of us know about

This heavenly tree

Cherry blossom it is called 

If I may tell Thee. 


Image courtesy Yamu.lk


Paper Boats


The time has come,
For brother and me.
Yet another rainy day fantasy.
Puddles of water and instant streams.
Running across my garden,
How lovely it seems.
Racing one another with our Paper boats.
Excited as ever as to who wins the game.
The game goes on and so does the rain,
Drenching the boats that leaves me in pain.

The SHE in Me.

​She’s tough to life

Tougher than the hurricane.

Shes strong to challenges 

Stronger than the rock.

She reacts fast to nonsense

Faster than lightning.

And worse with predators

Like Fire and wind.

She’s hard to strangers

Harder than hail.

But She’s soft by nature

Softer than snow.

Unless She’s  provoked

You will never  know.

To all the Wonderful Women out There !💟💟💟

A Golden Affair. 

​You made me feel like a queen

With your luster and sheen

Giving Endless Glitter and sparkle all over me

But time has changed By force I’d say

To take the next step right away 

And now that you’ve lost your shine

I decide on another as mine

How Selfish I am to trade on your gleam

But I am so very sorry It’s the price that I’m keen.

Remember the days I adored you most

And thinking of it now it’s all a waste.

Vivid are the Pictures of you on me of which

I’d always cherish forever as much.


Times up to dispose and renew my old gold..It’s kinda hard and depressing to part with sentimental jewellery.

But…Simply Cant help!!

In response to the Daily prompt ~Vivid

A Rainy stroll.

​Take me out I need to go.

To places that I’ve never been before.

Don’t let me drench  I cannot bare.

But Keep me forever dry and dare.

Shield me up with your strength and might.

From nature’s downpour now in sight. 

To save myself from cough and cold.

And the sneezing that I cannot withhold.

Hand in hand let’s begin our stroll. 

Onto you I will strongly hold. 

Out you come my yellow umbrella. 

From now on you are my fella.


What’s in my Heart.

​My chunter touched the heart.

Of the flowers not willing to start.

Surprise to my eyes came soon.

One by one they bloom.

With much anticipation they seem,

To know what’s deep in my heart..


African Star Lilly as seen today in my Garden.

The image above is the latest bloom in my garden.This foliage plant which I had no idea of flowering suddenly started to wither due to weather change.Then I changed its location and took some extra care on it….Three  weeks later … It’s showing its gratitude OMG!!!! 

This huge flower is about 6″diameter in size.