Quietly and alone,
a flower blushes
in my cactus garden.

Viciously and slow,
the flower is pricked
by the venomous spines.

In response to today’s word prompt Blush



My Wrinkles speak a thousand words.
Words of wisdom words of knowledge.
Words of happiness and words of courage.
Words of sorrow and words of visage.
Words of sadness and the joys of marriage.

My submission to Today’s Prompt~ Wrinkle

The Vampire strikes back.

A country which was destroyed by thirty years of war

Crippling the future and economy of the Nation and the next generation.

Hypocritically keeps quiet to vandalism and barbarism targeting the next minority.

Having not learnt any lesson from its first bite

Strikes again with its blood thirsty mobs

Led by Saffron robes.

Hill capital is in terror mosques are in fire.

Shops are destroyed homes are looted leaving the families homeless and in fear.

Is it our identity or us being your minority?

Who is to be blamed?..I ask myself.

The current situation prevailing in the country is very critical and crucial not knowing were its gonna lead.Unless stern action taken Another dark era awaits for sure.

The ladder of Success

My child number three,
considered the baby of the house
But not anymore,
Was enrolled today to persue his higher studies forevermore.

To my Son…

“Here you are with a ladder reaching the sky
to achieve another milestone you got to climb up so high”



In response to the Daily prompt.

Hello Spring!

​Blooms here blooms there 

Eye catching everywhere 

Sakura flower filled branches

Decorating the air

It seems like Pink Cherries

To the eyes when looked up

And feels like soft feathers

When it showers from top

Grass becomes Pink 

Like soft Pink snow 

Not letting you to wink

For a moment or so

Earth becomes Heaven 

When it is in full bloom

Sending showers of blessings

From Heaven to home.

Not many of us know about

This heavenly tree

Cherry blossom it is called 

If I may tell Thee. 


Image courtesy

Paper Boats


The time has come,
For brother and me.
Yet another rainy day fantasy.
Puddles of water and instant streams.
Running across my garden,
How lovely it seems.
Racing one another with our Paper boats.
Excited as ever as to who wins the game.
The game goes on and so does the rain,
Drenching the boats that leaves me in pain.