The trail.

The trail you left lies deep in my heart

Leading to all the good times and bad

Following it might make me sad,and

Looking back would be even hard.

You were Twelve and I was Ten

Making a team together as one

Playing with dolls was not meant for us

On adventures we sought with limited fuss

Our bonding was strong that’s what we thought

Then where did it go wrong making you drift apart?


In response to today’s prompt.Thinking about my long lost childhood friend.A Rock solid friend more of a sibling to me,who drifted away without a trace some times back.

Yearning heart.

Say it once and I will smile

Like the Lotus smiles to the sun

Say it once and I will dance

 like the Peacock does to the rain

Say it once and I’ll romance

Like the Bee kisses the flower      

Say it once and i will stay

Like a Shadow with you for ever

Just like that!!

Hi everyone!!

Its been so disappointing to note that the contents of my yesterdays ‘3 Day 3 Quotes Challenge ~ day 2’ post just disappeared out of sight.JUST LIKE THAT!!

I don’t know what went wrong,certainly did not delete though. I’m upset of being unable to retrieve the contents at all.Now all I could see is the Heading and the followers responses.Anyway something went wrong somewhere  maybe.Will take it that way.

Will be back with a new post shortly.

Much love,



Leibster Award.


Thank you so much The Wounded Healer for nominating me for the Liebster Award. It really means a lot to me! Hoping this will enhance my blogging experience and encourage me to keep blogging.

11 Things About Me –

1) I am an all in one Wife & Mother of three grown ups.
2) I am always anxious about the next minute.
3) Love cooking,baking and gardening apart from writing.
4) Family is my priority.
5) I spend my leisure on Books,photography,Movies and music.
6) I am Dressy and fond of Shopping.
7) Love to Travel (Inland and Abroad)
8) I’m very possessive and love pampering my Husband and children.
9) I believe, happiness is the key to everything.
10) My greatest happiness is to make others feel happy.
11) Lastly, I am a strong believer of God Almighty.

Now, About the 11 Questions I had to Answer-

1) What is the one thing you’d always want to be?
A designer.
2) Which celebrity would you want to meet in real life?
Not very fond of,but of course if Princess Diana was alive.
3) What does wealth mean to you?
Nothing is permanent.
4) What are the top 5 books you could read over and over again and never feel bored?
I would prefer  Comic books like Archie’s. Rather than other books.If I were to repeat read.
5) What is your wildest dream ever?
Becoming invisible.
6) If you were to visit a new country, what would be the first thing to interest you?
The People.
7) If I ask you to tell me about 5 things you love, what would they be?Apart from my family,
Gardening, Cooking,Pets,Traveling,Reading.
8) What, do you think is the most precious thing of all?
Good health.
9) If you had the power to change only one thing, what would that be?
Heal the world from bloodshed and War.
10) What scares you the most?
11) If you were asked to spread your message to the world, what would that be?
Well…I would ask the World to STOP invading Peace loving countries and STOP provoking Terrorism.

Now 11 questions I would ask my nominees-

1) What is your overall life goal?
2) If you have a really bad day, what’s the one thing that can brighten it up?
3) When did you catch the travel bug,if you love travelling?
4) What’s the one thing you cannot travel without?
5) What’s the worst thing that has ever happened to you on a trip?
6) Do you have a memorable (cultural) experience?
8) Have you been somewhere that turned out to be completely different to what you imagined?
9) Is there something you do (routine etc.) when away from home that you wouldn’t do otherwise?
10) Which comforts of home do you miss most when on the road?
11) If you could do anything to make this world a bit better, what would it be?

I hope you’ll like my questions. These just occurred in my mind.

Here are the rules for the Liebster Award, in case you don’t know what to do (I didn’t know them myself) :
1) Thank the blog who nominated you and link back to them.
2) Make a blog post telling 11 facts about you,
3) Answer the 11 questions from the blog who nominated you, and
4) Prepare 11 questions for those you will nominate.
5) Nominate 11 new bloggers (those who have less than 200 followers) by commenting in one of their blog posts.

Much love.

About Me

6872739-cherry-blossom-wallpaperI’m Shahz,from a tiny island called Srilanka.Having been born for more than four decades,once a teacher and now a full time mom of three adorable grownup kids.
Writing essays have always been a pleasure for me as a kid.My penning began by writing letters to my dad who was working overseas,which was sadly put to a halt ever since we got our first telephone connection .Which made me neglect my creative writing skills.
But Alas!!! finally..Being thankful to technology, here I go again.., but this time  typing instead of penning.
I may sound abit old schooled but will be scribbling as and then on whatever pops to my mind ,topics ranging from my Mug to my Tab.
Hope you would enjoy my ramblings.Thank you!