Man O Man!

​Man O Man!

When without money,eats vegetables at home.

When has money, eats the same in a fine restaurant.

When without money, rides a bicycle to and from home.

When has money, rides an  â€˜exercise bicycle’ at home.

When without money, walks to earn food.

When has money, walks to burn fat.

Man O Man! Never fails to deceive thyself!
When without money, wishes to get married;

When has money, wishes to get divorced.

When without money, wife becomes secretary;

When has money, secretary becomes wife.

When without money, acts like a rich man.

When has money, acts like a poor man.

Man O Man! Never can tell the simple truth!
Says share market is bad, but keeps speculating.

Says money is evil, but keeps accumulating.

Says high positions are lonely, but keeps wanting them.

Says gambling & drinking is bad, but keeps indulging.

Man O Man! Never means what he says and never says what he means..

**Don’t know who wrote this … but hats off to him/her.


Long time No see!

Hi everyone!

Here I am out from my Slumber after a very very deep Sleep.It Feels so good to be back with you All once again,Nevertheless Behind the screen I was doing nothing but living Life loving Cat and Cacti.Anyways now that Zoya is grown up, my Dry Garden is picking up and my Wet Garden is all flourishing, blooming and singing Songs of Rain & Shine.Giving me positive thoughts every Day.. 

Hoping to be in touch with you as and then with a piece of Cake.

Until then.

Love you all. 


The trail.

The trail you left lies deep in my heart

Leading to all the good times and bad

Following it might make me sad,and

Looking back would be even hard.

You were Twelve and I was Ten

Making a team together as one

Playing with dolls was not meant for us

On adventures we sought with limited fuss

Our bonding was strong that’s what we thought

Then where did it go wrong making you drift apart?


In response to today’s prompt.Thinking about my long lost childhood friend.A Rock solid friend more of a sibling to me,who drifted away without a trace some times back.

Yearning heart.

Say it once and I will smile

Like the Lotus smiles to the sun

Say it once and I will dance

 like the Peacock does to the rain

Say it once and I’ll romance

Like the Bee kisses the flower      

Say it once and i will stay

Like a Shadow with you for ever

Just like that!!

Hi everyone!!

Its been so disappointing to note that the contents of my yesterdays ‘3 Day 3 Quotes Challenge ~ day 2’ post just disappeared out of sight.JUST LIKE THAT!!

I don’t know what went wrong,certainly did not delete though. I’m upset of being unable to retrieve the contents at all.Now all I could see is the Heading and the followers responses.Anyway something went wrong somewhere  maybe.Will take it that way.

Will be back with a new post shortly.

Much love,