YOU or ME?


Above was something that crossed my glance lately on twitter.Simply loved it and thought I would share it.


Beyond Borders.

What am I searching?
Am I searching for peace?
In my very own land,
Where life isn’t at ease.

Over to my dear Foreign land
With expectations here I come.
Seeking for peace and justice,
And equality hand in hand.

I take the step away from home
Which brings me here to a land unknown
A land so strange and I’m not prone
To be in anguish as a foreigner alone.


The Vampire strikes back.

A country which was destroyed by thirty years of war

Crippling the future and economy of the Nation and the next generation.

Hypocritically keeps quiet to vandalism and barbarism targeting the next minority.

Having not learnt any lesson from its first bite

Strikes again with its blood thirsty mobs

Led by Saffron robes.

Hill capital is in terror mosques are in fire.

Shops are destroyed homes are looted leaving the families homeless and in fear.

Is it our identity or us being your minority?

Who is to be blamed?..I ask myself.

The current situation prevailing in the country is very critical and crucial not knowing were its gonna lead.Unless stern action taken Another dark era awaits for sure.

Reminiscence~ Part 2

Taking the step from MISS to MRS

Months became years and a decade passes by without knowing of what the future would hold for us in a war struck country.By now grandma resting in peace in the same place close to grandpa our house remains the same and the inmates too are grown with age and each one independent and grounded in their own space with the dawn of a new era

Conversation is going ’round

People talking ’bout the girl who’s come to town

Lovely lady, pretty as can be….🎶”

The Kool & the gang playing high on my radio I take a last look at the mirror adjusting the pleats of my new saree.

Just before rushing out my mom comes running with my mug of milk

“Have this soon will you…. All what you eat and drink now will only help you in the future”…. she says wishing me luck for my first day of work .

My work place infact was a pre school with around hundred and fifty children ranging from age 3 to 5 years old.I was given a class of 15 kids aged 3yrs to train iq and personality development.With time I had to train older kids as well. Very soon I got attracted to the children as well as their parents.And they were so fond of me since I was the youngest teacher in that school.The kids used to call me Aunty, Teacher or Teacher aunty.And they adore my dressing with matching accessories, shoes and handbags.Some were even smart enough to suggest what to wear for the next day.

Four years gone by as a pre school teacher with all my earnings spent on shoes, handbags and other personal belongings,by this time my brother starts pursuing his AL’ s in science stream with dreams of becoming a Doctor.Not knowing that his destiny lies in Chartered Accountancy. Dad still working overseas.worried about the country’s prevailing situation and our future.

Suddenly I see behavorial changes in Mom I see her discussing some confidential matters with her siblings every now an then and many a times they would stop talking as I approach.Giving me a clear picture that some thing fishy was going on.Undoubtedly I am being proposed.

Proposals were brought through many sources but turned down due to not being up to expectations except to one particular lady(now my sisiter in law, parent of a student at that time) follows me all the way home to meet my mother with the hope of proposing me to her Chartered Accountant brother.

Fascinated by her charm and impressed with the written details of the bridegroom my family decides to opt for the next level in correspondence ,The Bride and Groom seeing event.

This happened rather in a traditionally unusual manner.One fine day while I was busy during a school Concert,My would be husband with his friend comes back stage to meet me..A surprise which made me nervous and uneasy and of course an embaressment, giving us very little time to exchange glances since i was busy prompting for the ongoing item.But eventualy at the end positive responses were exchanged by both parties, of course with our consent.

And the dates were fixed for a long awaited Wedding since my being the first to the third generation of the family.

A grand Wedding was being planned focussing especially on not to have any shortcomings in inviting guests or to the hospitality provided towards them.A reception hall with a huge crowd capacity was booked.An ever popular caterer at that time was hired.

Exactly after a month close upon the much awaited day.As Dark clouds hovers over, our house was full of relatives coming down from all over the country to visit us,acknowledging the Wedding Invitation.To receive them Our dinning table overflowing with various types of Sweetmeats stands out magnificently clothed by an exclusive creation by Barbara Sansoni.

“Hope it doesn’t rain…What if guests dont turn up?..No it won’t..It might cease in the evening …Yet those who are keen will definitely make it .”. .were the dialogues exchanged by the elderly who were trying very hard to rule out the predicted weather forecast.

Days and nights were always gala at home with full of laughter and love. While “Dekha he pehli baad🎶..” from Sajan being repeated endlessly with dancing and giggling by the little brats.

Mom and Dad often had their ups and downs as the days drew closer.

My Mom being a hypertension patient was always seen fingers crossed and tensed fearing something might go wrong.Beliefs of an old Wives tale of becoming sad when you laugh too much.She often made extra prayers and supplication to God .Which is one thing thats safeguarding me up to now.

My big day arrived on the Sixteenth of May Nineteen Ninety Two. Coinciding with the Vesak festival (festival of lights) where the whole country was illuminated with lights, lanterns and pandols.Lingering Smells of flowers and incense filling the air making the entire country feel festive.

I’m being woken by an aunt commenting on how dark my Mehandi stains had become.All credit to the Bohra ladies from my next door who created a fine piece of art on my hands and feet by staying till late the previous night laughing and dancing to the tunes of “Mendi ki raat …🎶”

As the time drew closer the entire household gets on to a panic mode each one doing the touch ups and trimmings to their trausseu and grooming and glamourising themselves in every possible way to look better than the other.

I was dressed by a bridal dresser well known at that time.Mummy with moist eyes hiding what she truly feels drapes the shawl on my head and gives me the garland of white Orchids with a broad smile blowing a prayer. A prayer for her little girl’s future.A prayer as the seal of forever success and happiness.Thank you Mummy.

It was near dusk the sky was growing dark in a distance My Dad hurries us to be quick just to make sure we dont get caught to the traffic or face any inconveniences on our way.

Alas! Within thirty minutes we reached the venue.Me sitting nervously at the back seat of a well decorated car accompanied by my parents and brother. Anxiously awaiting till the door opened.

“It’s time to step out” says a voice.

As a blushing bride With so much of happiness and excitement I take the first step to the next level in life from being Miss to Mrs with the down pour of blessings ushered by the Weather God.

To be Contd…

For all those who missed my childhood ….visit below link

Reminiscence ~ Part 1

Hello Friends!!

Above was the second part in reminiscing my childhood memories..Although I’ve done a brief introduction sometimes back this gives me the opportunity to revive yet another interesting phase of my life.

I don’t know how many of you would like it by the way!!

As I have stated in my bio,Although I write I am not the descriptive or elaborative type in writing articles or poetry.All I do is scribble something short and simple then and there in my own style on whatever comes up my mind.

This was indeed a task for me.Hope you’d enjoy going down my Memory lane.Loads of Thanks to all those wonderful Souls out there who take the time to read,like and comment on my posts.THANK YOU once again.

Much love until next time


Going Nuts at times.

The Weekly Photo Challenge~ 14/2/2018 ~ SWEET

It is true! When one say “We really go nuts with DOUGHNUTS”. These heavenly fried treats were brought home by my daughter to make an ordinary day special.

Me being very health conscious on choosing the right food at all times simply surrender myself to this Heavenly treat since it is something which I will never say no to.

My Contribution to this week’s theme Sweet