Life Hacks-WPC~27/1/17~Repurpose

My submission to this week’s Photo challenge titled~Repurpose

An old chemical bottle which now adorns my veranda  with a money plant growing in it.

Bellow are a few things which my daughter turned out by herself.

Above is an old Audio cassette cover used as an ipod/ phone stand by my daughter.

Cereal box turned file holder.

Trinket box made out of plastic Coke bottle.
Til next time đź’“

Weekly photo challenge ~Pathway

Pathway to Gems.

In response to the weekly photo challenge prompt Pathway,I’d like to share some pictures that I captured during my visit to a Gem mine a few days back with a group.

It was a long walk to begin with through a plush green wide pathway to a narrow and rigid one leading to the site.

That’s my dearestđź’•

As we drew close all we could see was a small cadjan hut,to our dismay.Since we were in huge expectation about the place,the sight of the it astonished us for a moment.Later on we figured it out that beneath the hut lies a tunnel several feet in depth,where only workers could get in to dig for Gems.

Sri Lanka, the island known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean lives up to its nickname as a hotbed for a variety of gems.Being ever popular for its Ceylon Blue /Star Sapphire and many other types of Gem stones,

Red Garnets

It was indeed a rare opportunity that I got to visit the Gem mining sight in Ratnapura aka The City of Gems which is almost a 3 hour drive from Colombo.

Weekly Photo Challenge~ Tiny

Hello this is my first attempt on a photo  challenge.Hope you would like my submission for this week on the theme Tiny



Image captured by yours lovingly.

The tiny Ant, a creature of great industry, drags with its mouth whatever it can, and adds it to the heap which she is piling up, not unaware nor careless of the future.”
HORACE, Satires




Image captured by yours lovingly

Sometimes a tiny thing can make a big difference”


Daily post Photo Challenge~Tiny