My Wrinkles speak a thousand words.
Words of wisdom words of knowledge.
Words of happiness and words of courage.
Words of sorrow and words of visage.
Words of sadness and the joys of marriage. ~Shahz

My submission for Today’s Prompt~ Wrinkle


I woke up to the chirping of Birds.”What a wonderful morning” I say to my self looking through the window at the plush garden over looking my room.Looking at all the transformation that had taken place,I feel as if I’ve woken after years of sleep.At my bedside reads a note “You are having fever,Do not go out”.
“Dad I’m off to work” yells my Daughter from down stairs.
“To work?”I take a deep breath.”Now when did she start working” I thought to my self.
“OK honey take care”I replied in a cranky voice still lying on my bed.
I hear her drive away.I try my self to wake up fully and figure out what’s going on around me,I hurry myself to the washroom in order to groom myself before having my breakfast. While in the washroom,
The door bell rings
“Who could that be? I wonder..Anyway it doesn’t matter my Wife would attend to it” I say to myself.
As I continue with my morning rituals in the washroom I glance deep at the mirror to take a closer look at my face ,”Shit..,Now when did I get those?”
I question myself about the deep lines on my forehead.and I stare at my self for some more time and then I think “It should be due to the hot weather and dehydration” I conciliate myself.
After a quick shave I wonder what’s for breakfast?
I go down the stairway and to the kitchen to greet my wife and realize she too had gone out.
On the refrigerator door I find another note saying,
“Your Breakfast is in the Microwave” with much anticipation I open the Microwave and find a bowl of Oats and a Ramekin with afew pills in it and another note saying
“Take your pills after Eating. ”
“Oh my gosh!! This so strange?…Is everything okay! I repeatedly ask my self.
And I myself was capable enough to assume reasonable answers to the whole saga and console myself since no one was around.
I tried calling my Wife’s mobile several times and ended up dissapointed and pissed off with her for not having the battery fully charged.Apart from my anger I feel that I love her more than ever today considering all what she had done for me.
So here I am,having had breakfast,having fever and unable to go out just doing nothing but Struggling to figure out something that I’m so anxious about.
The door bell rings again.I opened to see who it was.Its the Postman staring at me, he hands me a letter addressed to my Wife and said that he came a few hours back and there was no response.
My heart begins to palpitate more than ever, thinking that something’s drastically wrong with me.Why did he keep looking at me like that,Do I look so bad ?Or have I gone insane lately?.Those were the unanswered questions that were repeating on my mind,
But yet I struggle so hard to recollect or figure out what was going on.
Suddenly the door opens.
“Hi Dad” my Daughter walks in in a hurry and seems in search of something.
“Is everything okay?” I ask her.
“Well,not really dad.There’s this report which I forgot to take with me in the morning and I came looking for it.” she said having all her concentration focused on whatever she was doing.
“Do you have to go back honey?” I ask her.
“Yep,in a jiffy”she said nodding her head briskly, just the way my wife responds in a hurry.
“You sounded just like your Mom and beginning to look like her too” I said to her.
“Oh Dad,come on,I’m a bit busy right now.Let’s talk after I get back okay” she runs upstairs looking for the file.
I followed her to her room and saw her relieved and with all smiles.
“Got it” she said in an excitement showing me the file.Which looked like a medical file from a distance,
“By the way my dear where is your Mother? I’ve been looking for her since Morning,is she off to Gran’s?”
Her smile fades away quickly.
“Oh come on Dad” she says choking up,” I just told you about it last night”.Her eyes begin to fill with tears,
“About what my dear?” I say standing up and hugging her.
She grabs my hand tightly and takes a deep breath,
“Dad I know its hard…Mom died last month.”


The above is a fiction based on a day’s struggle of an Alzheimer’s patient,
In response to today’s prompt.