Menacing Skeeters.

​With the climatic change the temparature rise.

Along with it the blood suckers rise.

In a swarm they come and settle down in homes

Where the grounds are safe and friendly to breed

Come one by one racing in greed

Disturbing us from our goodnights sleep

Repellents and fumes no use to keep

Coz they’ve evolved so much I weep.

My kid fell prey from then I did pray

That I will fight them back 

With this racket I will smack.



In response to the Daily prompt ~ Swarm

Note: My Son fell prey to its deadly greed and was diagnosed with Dengue few years back.I Thank God for his recovery.From then on I try my level best to keep my home mosquito free.Having tried and tested all available sources in vain,finally I feel very comfortable with the Skeeter Racket which does not cause any after effects.


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