Shower me Rain.

Are you hurt? I ask.

who hurt you my friend?

Are you annoyed? I ask.

who made you so my friend?

Your clouds aren’t dark and does not spark
Your wind’s not strong though it blows all around
Your spray is not much that none of us could catch                                                     But how could I ever live without your touch

Now that all I want is,to see you not like this
As for the rest of my life or death I would wish
Coz My life depends on you alone for all its bliss
Usher me with Showers of love, and quench me with your passionate kiss.

The above picture was taken by me when I went on a Safari to ‘Udawalawe National forest reserve’ a few days back.Noticing the decreased water levels and the drying of fauna due to the prevailing drought made me scribble the above.

Straight from my heart 💚 Shahz


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