Eagle watching. 

The King of birds flying way up high. Surrounding in circles in the Sky. 

Hovering down while in flight. Looking for prey within his sight. 

Hovers till he’s almost still. Then dives down for the kill. 

He takes his prey into his grip. Holding tightly so it can’t slip. 

He does it all in so much pace. Full of elegance and so much grace. 

As you watch him use his skill. Watching Eagles is an endless thrill. 

Self captured image from my recent visit to LANGKAWI


LANGKAWI- The land of Eagles,is an Island off Malaysia with plenty of Tourist attraction,Amusement areas,street food and duty free shopping.                                              This island was  named LANGKAWI because,The Brahminy Kite Eagles are found in abundance here, fondly known as “Lang Merah” in Malay, and “Kawi”for its marble like water.


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