Six yards of Sheer elegance

One may not find a woman who would say NO or would say that she have had never worn one, to a Sari in our part of the world.Being easterners every one of them would have got a chance to wear the Sari at least once in their lifetime.


The Sari~,a very long strip of unstitched cloth, ranging from four to nine meters in length, is usually draped around the body with no hooks,buttons or zippers in various styles. The most common style is wrapped around the waist, with one end then draped over the shoulder baring the midriff and of course worn with a blouse.

Originally worn in India,which ancient Indians preferred to cover their modesty.Which with time became the most worn clothing in many Asian countries including my own.
My desire for Sari began at a tender age since I always saw my mother and all other older female relatives being draped in it.It was an age old custom practiced during my grandmothers era that a girl who attains maturity is compelled to wear the Sari throughout her entire life.Later it was practiced to be worn after getting married.The traditional Sari could be worn in many ways,out of which only three types are practiced in our country.The Traditional,Kandyan and Gujarati style.

The Traditional Indian style


Sri Lankan Kandyan style

1 (6)


The Gujarati style



Going down memory lane,During my childhood days I remember wearing a shawl instead of the sari when playing dolls party with my mates.My first sari drape was at the age of 12 when my grandma insisted on seeing me wearing.

And my official Sari draping began when I started work as a school teacher where the Sari was the dress code I had to follow.Draping the Sari and carrying it was never a problem to me since I adored wearing it.

From then onward the Sari dominated my sense of dressing.For which I knew it enhanced my beauty and grace.And I often made it a practice to wear it as a formal attire.Especially for weddings and other important functions.

“Nothing makes a woman look more beautiful than a Sari does” of course I endorse it.

An Indian celebrity once said “I think the Sari makes a woman look sexy yet graceful all at the same time” Yes!! Definitely.

                 ‘Sari my love’ you are the most beautiful attire,a timeless fashion,which refuses to retire…


Pictures courtesy Google.


12 thoughts on “Six yards of Sheer elegance

  1. 😃 What a beautiful title for a Sari .👍
    The explanation done about the Sari is done in full justification. Any one unknown about it gets the idea but reading your this post. It not only tells how it is worn but the beauty of wearing it and crazyness to wear it.
    So you are one more who loves the attire. OMG !!!

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