She vailed her face from the glare and stare.

From all who attended the Sunday fair.

Hiding away the bruises and scars.

That she often thought which might scare.

The World doesn’t know why she did dare.

But frequent criticism led her to bare.

Battling against her Heart and mind  with the disagreement she always had

To unmask herself reluctant she felt

 The law is such to some degree   like it or not she’s forced to agree.               

Living in a mask is safe she feels.

Than in a Masqueraded life she yields.


With response to the daily prompt~Disagree


7 thoughts on “UnMasked. 

  1. Shahz, I initially typed a comment in this box relating to your blog and the very topic you wrote on.
    But now I feel that if I only write how good your blog is, then it will make me satisfied thinking the same what you wrote that, “living in a mask is safe she feels.”
    And I don’t want to stay satisfied. I want a change. I can’t see things happening like they are now. I have to do something.
    Pray for me, that I may become able to bring a change.

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    • The above poem just appeared in my mind after talking to a certain individual who has a permanent scar in her life.
      Of course you should make a change. Put a brave front and break all the chains of fear. There’s always light at the far end of the tunnel. Stay positive. All the best !!!!

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  2. Sometimes my friends or people who get to interact with me, start laughing at me. They think I am abnormal.
    Some also think that what I think is a ‘show off’.
    But at certain times you may be so entangled in the struggles of life to prove your worth, that you can hardly do anything about such things instantly.
    I feel so for myself. But I can’t make them understand.
    All I can is to do something about.
    May God makes me able to do that.

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    • Oh! I’m so sorry to note what you’ve been going through.Do not underestimate yourself. Be positive and truthful,and raise your hands to God, You will never go wrong. Most importantly Associate with people of your interest and calibre ,that will make you easy to share your thoughts and ideas.I know it takes along way to succeed in life don’t lose hope there will definitely be a day for you. Cheer up!!!

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