Eid @ Home

The day had dawned so bright and warm With the smell of Henna and Musk all around.

Streets are filled with vehicles jammed,Racing each other for prayers in time.

Tis another day of the year for celebration,With visiting and entertaining family and friends.

Soon after prayers the visiting begins.First the family and then of course friends.

All of a sudden among the ongoing rush There goes my cooker with it’s pressure hush hush.

Constantly looking up above at the clock ,My hands move in motion without a stop.

Cutting,chopping,stirring and frying Aroma fills from the Biryani simmering.

Grilling the Chicken on stove standing,My feet begins to curse but that’s least caring.

Up and down to the table I rush.To make sure that there’s no room for fuss.

Trying so hard to be in time, hoping that no one comes in between.

Finally the bell rings for the very first time. And here I’m with all smiles this time.


My hand painted with Henna/Mehndi on festive eve.Image quality due to poor lighting



 Eid al Adha Tea time spread



10 thoughts on “Eid @ Home

    • Yes Sunith! thats how it is generally. But for this Eid al Adha, celebration continues for the whole week. Hope you’re enjoying your vacation too. Have a great time.
      I’m so glad you stopped by. Thank you BTW.

      Liked by 1 person

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