Random Ramblings ~#14#~Cinnamon

Cinnamon: “The taste of Paradise”.

Valued in ancient times as currency and once considered more precious than gold, cinnamon one of the world’s oldest and the most favored spice for many centuries.  Native to Sri Lanka, Ceylon in ancient time, it is taken from the bark of the many species of the Laurel tree. Once it could only be found in Ceylon but now its grown in many places mainly the tropical regions including India, Brazil, and the West Indies to name a few. Dating back to the Chinese 5000 years ago, the Egyptians and the Roman and now to modern day Europe, cinnamon has not only been desired for its taste but its medicinal uses as well.
Likewise there’s no kitchen without Cinnamon in a Sri Lankan home. The Slender long Smooth Fragrant sticks are frequently used in most of our day to day life in Cooking,Healing and Medicinal purposes.Though I am not going to drag on giving more description on that.Let me share a few of the Cinnamon based sweets/desserts we are quite familiar with.These are a few apart from the various savories that our taste-buds are used to.

The following are some of my family favourites.Made by  yours lovingly :):):):)


Cinnabons-Baked slices of rolled dough with cinnamon spread smeared in the center topped with cream cheese frosting


Cinnamon Iced tea



Churros-light batter piped into hot oil and rolled in sugar-cinnamon mix.


T G I F folks! I will be out of site for  a couple of days from now on since Eid’s around the corner.And I would be very busy as a Bee.Til I come back,May the essence of Cinnomon ignite your mind,body & soul.

EID MUBARAK  everyone!


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