You left paw prints in my heart.


I never wanted a pet.
But my kids were crazy of you.
I had to give in coz they won the bet.
So we came looking for some one else.
But you stole our hearts and nothing else.
Your bright blue eyes sparkling as ever.
Mesmerized mine which I have had never.
You came,you conquered all of our hearts.
Not giving us a hint, that you’ve got to part.
I brought you for them
But you became mine.
With my attachment growing towards you from time after time


What did you try to say my dear
On that fateful day
I wish I was with you,but I had no choice but to go.
Still questioning my self of what happened to you.
Those three days with us,you gave us nothing but joy
Making each and everyone of us wonder why.
Days have gone by but your memory lingers on,
Not when the house is full,but when I’m all alone.


Forever Frodo 💗
You will be in our hearts forever.

Til next time xxx


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