If only I could turn back the clock….

Empty Nest Syndrome as its called,refers to feelings of depression, sadness, and or grief experienced by parents after children come of age and leave their childhood homes. This may occur when children go to college or get married. Women are more likely than men to be affected; often, when the nest is emptying. Yet this doesn’t mean that men are completely immune to Empty Nest Syndrome. Men can experience similar feelings of loss regarding the departure of their children.


Being blessed with children and watching them grow up is the most exciting period of a parents life.At the same time seeing them all grown up so fast makes my heart skip a beat.
As parents of three aged 23, 20 and 15 My husband and I feel so proud for what they are now but somewhere deep in our hearts we often feel ‘Why cant they stay small for some more time’ not forgetting the fact that it was not all we wanted when they were kids.’
‘Why don’t you grow up’
“I can’t wait till you grow up”
‘Stop being a baby’
Those were the common phrases used by all parents when bringing up children, encouraging them to be responsible adults.But now, gone are the days my kids are big enough to do things on their own like taking decisions, choosing their own stuff , wanting to be independent and of course even prepared to cross the shores.
I was twenty two when I entered motherhood by giving birth to a beautiful baby boy, the first grand child in my family making him feel like a prince with enormous luxuries, full of love and pampering.


And then came my adorable daughter ‘mummy’s girl’ I would say because she never became comfortable with anyone else other than me. She even considered her father as a stranger giving him frequent dissapointments whenever he reached for her.It took her some time to bond with her dady.
Now grown up to a pretty young lady who is also an inland university student,so confident in all what she does and has become my strength at all times.


My third and last Son’s arrival was spaced out by some time.,My older kids were quite big enough to receive and understand him .A cute little baby with a very happy and contend nature,from the time of birth.My sleep was never interrupted at any cost or never a time have I cried in the middle of the night the way I always did with my older two.
Now an adorable teen,vary enthusiastic about his future. Having been loaded with school work ,very often looks upon his big brother as his role model.Still being considered as a baby,he does posses more of my husband’s qualities.


I was a full time mom right through out doing the house work and children’s work all by myself, and at times had to transform my self into a super woman because my husband expects me to be in his shoes occasionally when he’s tied up at work.Giving me the courage to handle any situation in his absence at home or else where.
Our older sons University entrance was a much awaited episode in our lives.He being chosen to a foreign university made us so proud and happy.Not realizing the emptiness that would cause after he leaves.He as a boy,being the oldest sibling ,was so demanding and self centered,So methodical and prim and proper in all his work.
His temporary exit from my nest was so painful for me but it had made him a very strong and independent young man who’s very concerned about each one of us in the family.Going on in his third year at Monash University, usually comes home twice a year on semester breaks. That’s when our house is full of joy and laughter.And that’s the only thing we look forward now a days.

So that’s how I feel on the onset of Empty nest Syndrome. I don’t know how many of you out there have had or have been facing similar situation. Having sent One had already created an emptiness among each one of us which is so hard to put on words. Wonder how its gonna be when the remaining two wishes the same and
decides to spread their wings?

Will I be able to face it?

Will I cry?

Will we feel more lonelier?

What ever it takes,it would be for the betterment of our children,and I’m pretty sure about it. So let me prepare myself for more Good byes by silently wishing that….


Til next time ❀


17 thoughts on “If only I could turn back the clock….

  1. I remember how sad I felt when my first baby started getting teeth because she didn’t have that adorable toothless grin any more!! Now my children are grown and living on their own. Proud of them, but miss them always.

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  2. My parents keep telling me this. But in the other hand after my and my sibling left for our higher studies their life has changed. They are into newer experiences and activities which they could not be involved in while they were busy packing up lunching, making us do school work and such. Balances out I guess..

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