The Candy Jar.

When I saw the Candy jar smiling at me.

All the way up on the Shelf top.

I couldn’t resist but make an attempt 

Thinking my mom will never suspect. 

Standing on a stool with my tippy toes

Reaching and Stretching to and fro

Finger tips edging the jar forward.

Seeing it happily coming to me towards.

The jar , topples and tumbles,

Over my head and Lands on the floor

Making me jump down and grab it on the go.

Surprised I feel that it didn’t break.

Reaching inside was my biggest mistake

Mom comes in and says “For goodness sake!

I’m so scared I start to shake.

I drop the jar, she watches it break

Running I try to get away and hide.

But she finds me upstairs under my bed

With traces of fear on my toothless face..

But I say “Sorry Mom it was by Mistake“. 

Just then She grabs me and Gives me a hug,

 “Don’t worry love it’s OK

I’ll get one later today.”


In response to todays word prompt Mistake.

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