The return.

Hello fellow bloggers !
Having had a long festive break, It feels so nice and warm once again to be with you people on WP.Though my commitments aren’t over yet, for all those curious minds.. just thought of saying that,

Some may wonder of what happened to me
Some may wonder of why I drifted or quit.
And Some may also wonder if I ever do exist

Here’s to all those wondering hearts I would say..
That I’m doing good and will soon return.
How Soon maybe that I don’t know…
But one thing for sure that I would assure,
That my coming is certain and never to go.


So many years doing what I should.
Daughter, sister, wife, mother.
Expectations to meet, unrequited dreams to fulfill
Oh how exhausting it all proved to be.

Stretching myself thin, reaching for the golden ring.
Child, woman, seeker, believer
Knowing all my dreams were just around the bend.
Always just around the bend.

Is it any wonder I lost myself,
Naive, hopeful, loyal, passionate..
In time.. the girl I was ,found her voice again
To damnation with their expectations.

A mid-life crisis they say
Foolish, anxious, emotional, angry
Not herself, just a phase to be endured
Oh how great was their surprise?

Standing like an Autumn Maple,
Strong, confident, colorful, true.
Singing a familiar song not heard in decades
Finally rounding the bend.

In response to today’s word prompt Crisis


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