The Thirst.

Hajar runs between to and for
in search of water in desert hills.
In utter desperation she is.
To fill her breasts for the hungry child.
She runs up and down,in the midday heat
In search of nothing but a speck as treat.
then she gives up going back and forth and falls down lifeless on her feet.
The child lay now with no sound,
For the last time hits his heel to the ground.
And there it is,Gods mercy alone
A spring spouts gushing all around.
Water,water everywhere,
She doesn’t know what to do,
In a loud voice she says Zam,Zam…..Zam, Zam
Commanding it to stop.
Zam Zam….Zam Zam
Finally obaying her command it stopped.



Zam Zam meaning Stop Stop in Arabic .
Hajar (Biblical: Hagar), the second wife of Abraham, after Sarah, was alone in the desert with her baby, Ishmael. Desperate to find water, she ran between two hillocks – now called Safā and Marwah – so that she could view the desert from better vantage points. After seven tries with no sight of a caravan, she gave up and sat down. A spring sprang up where Ishmael’s heel touched the ground and was gushing profusely.Not knowing what to do Hajar in a loud voice said Zam Zam… Zam Zam.
This became the Well of Zamzam and serves all the pilgrims of Haj up to now.

In response to today’s prompt.


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