Till death do us part


September 1969 was no ordinary month for this 21 year old damsel.Having me in her left hand ring finger with no other pairings made me feel so special.So did she felt as this was a piece of jewelry she got from her husband on her wedding day and to be treasured all her life.
Days turned to months and months to years.So many sun rises and sunsets passed in my existance.Then a blushing bride now a mother of a Daughter and Son who are all grown up and married and having children of their own,making her a grand mother.Never a time she took me off her finger.I was so precious to her that she considered me as her companion.She often spills her heart out to me by rotating and rolling me to and fro.So much did she have to talk to me whenever she felt lonely and blue.Along with time we traveled across borders,many a time across oceans just the two of us since she was a frequent traveler from home to the middle east to join her better half.So many fortunes and misfortunes, tragedies and happinesses I ‘ve witnessed in her life making her a strong and courageous woman who was gracefully growing old day by day by frequently thanking Almighty for the countless rewards and blessings he had showered upon Her,her children and their families..Not knowing what was on store for her in time to come.Nevertheless There came a day all so sudden when she had to bid farewell to the World and her loved ones due to a Cardiac arrest.The day I had to part my dearest Master.That was the very first time I slid out of her finger not knowing what would happen to me next.Rest in peace my Companion!
Ten years passed from then on,having seen more Sun rises and Sunsets in my life and of course the Tsunami above all,here I am once again shining bright as ever this time on the right hand ring finger,not of my master’s but of her Daughter’s.

Inspired by my Mother’s Wedding ring,in response to today’s word prompt Companion


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