Smiles of an Empath.


“Burdning yourself with other’s problems” ,
“Why go in search of stress?”
“Stop being an Empath.” Are some of the frequent sentences my husband often uses when blaming me when I get too engrossed with Counselling shows on TV.
Listening to somebody else’s agony or problem is something I get carried away with and I know its disturbing and too much to digest at times but It makes me realize the hardships people face in reality. “What can I do.That’s my weakness” I would say.
I may not be up to your perfection.But I’m ME !
With that concludes our cycle of petty arguments.
Considering of how an Empath would feel,putting my self behind the desk, I managed to gather some words to a poem.Hope you’d find it interesting.

I conceal myself from grief,and grin.
not showing how I feel within.
Red on my lips,
Black on my eyes.
And dressed in white. It says alright.
I sit behind my desk,with an arm resting my neck
Listening to their grief and pain
I Forget who I am within.
Pausing and then when I look back at the end
I think to myself again,and say
Who cares about my pain!

In response to today’s prompt~Perfection


12 thoughts on “Smiles of an Empath.

    • Absolutely Imran! I agree with you! Thank you so much BTW for taking the time in going through my posts.May the blessings of Ramadan bring peace and happiness to you and the entire mankind.Ramadan Kareem!

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      • Training in Peace Culture 

        When the Prophet saw the first moon of the month of Ramadan, he prayed: ‘O God, cause the appearance of this moon to be a harbinger of peace, faith, security and Islam for us.’ The month of Ramadan is a training in peace culture. When a person abstains from food and water from dawn to dusk, he is rendered incapable of engaging in quarrels and fighting. Fasting trains one to lead one’s life peacefully in this world. A fasting person develops modesty and self-control. These virtues help reform both individual and social life. When a person does not get enmeshed in disputes with others, his life becomes free of tension. Thus the training during the month of Ramadan helps keep one tension-free. 

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