Random Ramblings #8

Oh No! Not Again!

I woke up this morning hoping much to do,
And then I see you and wonder what to do?
As long as They say, you are Monsoon,
I’m pretty much sure you’ll move away soon.

Our rivers are full and nearing to spill,
What already spilled receding well.
Leaving nothing for the people
but only their will.
Making them homeless against their will.

Your coming is inevitable,man cannot stop,
But we need your mercy bestowed on top.
My people are afraid and sick of you.
Moving sooner the better ,for me and for you.



10 thoughts on “Random Ramblings #8

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  2. You have actually cut short my love for the monsoons by bringing in a very valid point there Shahz, I looked only at the bright side, of quenching the heat! You brought in the fury that is the monsoon that creates the havoc.. Ash

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