The Alpinist.


She is tired of following the same old routine,
So she makes plans for herself.
For an average girl like her,
Fulfilling these dreams seem as impossible as hell freezing over,
But she doesn’t care.
She faces the world with a new-found confidence
And hopes of becoming even greater than she was before.
Her goals seem laughable,
They even say she has her head so high up in the clouds,
But she doesn’t care.
Some do laugh,
They taunt, they tease, and they bring her down.
She stumbles,
But she still doesn’t care.
She gets up and goes on with her life,
Because she knows what she wants
And she know that she can get there, no matter what people say.
And eventually,
She gets there.
And she was glad that she didn’t care.

Til next time♥


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