Human Nature.



In response to today’s one word prompt Angry.


I often have so many Why’s when I’m out on the road.Especially when it comes to Human Nature.

This happened a few weeks back.
I always see a small boy of around 14-15 years with an attitude of a grown up selling Moth balls(Camphor balls) roaming around in a by lane close to the supermarket I often visit .Couldn’t bear to see someone of my child’s age doing this for a living,one day I decided to help him by buying two packets for 120/-lankan ruppee.So I gave him 200/-lkr and hurried back since I had to move my car expecting him to have the balance.A week later I see him at the traffic lights on the opposite side trying his level best to catch my attention waving his hands ,waiting for my consent to cross over .But this time Purposely I avoided his glance by pretending not to notice him.Fearing he would be a nuisance if I pity him.
Few weeks later as usual I went to the same Supermarket to do some personal shopping .(Since I am one of the priority customers almost all the staff happen to know me) the security officer walks to me and asks me whether I purchased anything from so and so.I instantly guessed that there might have been a gimmick.But for my dismay I was spellbound for what he said.The boy had come on Vesak day with the balance of lkr 80 and interpreted all what had happened and was sad of being unable to return the balance hence he puts it to the charity box close to the cashier and says,in Sinhala;
“Mey Vesak dawase pin Nonata labewa.”
“May the blessings of Vesak be upon the Madam”.
On finding his whereabouts I got to know that he was orphaned by the Tsunami and is looked after by a good Samaritan.I wish I had told him to keep the balance which I did not at that time. I headed home with a heavy heart thinking about this boy.This time in a Tuk on arriving at home I offered the driver a 100 rupee note since the fair was 90/- taking the note at once he cons saying that he has no change even without looking at his purse.(obviously their pockets are full by end of the day) I was so angry and disgusted with his attitude but emotionally heartbroken.But alas that little boy’s honest gesture saved me from an angry argument with this con man.


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