Happiness is….

1#ย Celebrating Loveย & Togetherness.


Enjoying our morning cuppa @ Earl’s Regency Hotel Kandy last summer.

It was our 24th Wedding Anniversary just a couple of days ago.Not a big celebration though! Due to some of my extended family members being victimized by the recent calamity.Our celebration was just a private dinner at one of the most Sizzling restaurants in Colombo just the two of us.I thank God for blessing me with one of the most Wonderful human beings,our Offspring and the life he had provided me with.

2#ย Seeing them Smile.

As the water levels recede in most parts of the Island.We were able to go and visit them with what ever we could.It was overwhelming to see people getting back to their homes with great enthusiasm.Focusing on the clean up procedure.
Most of them along with the support of the government and NGO’s have begun repairing and repainting their houses for resettlement, With the hope of a new beginning.The affluent are quite confident in reclaiming all what they’ve lost. But the less fortunate prefers to be in their temporary shelters,until someone lends a hand.Hoping for a better tomorrow.


Smiling even after having lost everything.Awaiting for a better dawn.

3#ย Surprise by chance.

This was highly unexpected.My husband was doomed when our 42″ Samsung TV bid goodbye to us.Being a very busy professional, watching TV is the only source of stress reliever that he is used to. .Moreover the biggest disappointment was being unable to watch the IPL cricket match.The only option was to get a new one.Being a strong cricket fan ,the very next day he comes home with an LG 55″ Smart TV .Planning on not to miss any of the matches.
For me watching the Bollywood hit FITOOR in full HD was a really mesmerizing . What a film it was.Excellent production with beautiful cinematography,the cast and most of all the songs.
Especially ‘Pashmina’ which lingers on my mind every now and then.


4#ย Occasional Treats.

It was all raining all the time, No outing , bored to the core of staying at home. In order to pacify my family I made these two Desserts, for the first time with the help of You Tube videos,on two different occasions.
I’m not a professional in making Desserts,but for some reason,all my attempts turn out well.


Peach Melba-French dessert


Brigadeiro-Brazilian Chocolate delicacy




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