ME becoming Invisible !!


Hello folks!
Here’s something that I remembered while answering the questionnaire sent by The Wounded Healer for Leibster Award.Which I did not mention in my answer script. Just thought of sharing it with you on this post.
The question was,
(5) What is your Wildest dream ever ?
And my answer to that was Becoming Invisible.
Going down memory lane….
This term of Becoming Invisible was more or less a frequent term that I often used with my children when they were quite small.
I literally used it as a trump in order to discipline them , They too believe that I had super Powers and keep quiet, Until one day when I tried it on my youngest fellow ,He, ( might have been merely three years I guess), who’s more outspoken and witty, in a loud voice said-
“Mama ,for that , you have to Die and become a Ghost.”
My older two were astonished to hear him use the words DIE and GHOST on me ….
Whereas I was overwhelmed by his sharp and spontaneous response and couldn’t help my self from laughing.

Til next time 💛


28 thoughts on “ME becoming Invisible !!

  1. This is just how I feel, but we growns ups should never fool children. These days, kids are smarter! But when I was a kid, I used to believe my mom really had super powers and an extra eye with which she could keep an eye on me in her absence. This eventually led me to believing that she always understands the trouble I’m going through, yet she doesn’t want to help me. That was quite traumatising!

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