My Country Weeps..!

After being fully exhausted due to the extreme hot weather we were praying for rain,not knowing the much awaited rain would cause such a desaster.
Rain accompanied by strong winds playing havock all over the country.
Resulting with floods and landslides in many parts of the country,including Northern Colombo.

Rainfall came heavy,
followed by crushing flood
that swept much away.


Sad clouds why do you cry …
Why you throw your tears on us…

Sweet ocean, your waves are too high…
Are you mad at us…

Crumbling ground you’re so tough and strong…
Your supposed to keep us standing isn’t that true…

Wind your so loud, have we done anything wrong…
Your so cruel and unstoppable we can’t break through you….

But we have a weapon you can’t break …
Yes,that’s true you can’t stop our prayers or even take.


The rains fall forever
Or so it seems…
Watching the melancholy
Drizzle against the glass.

Not knowing what to do…
So I sit and watch.
As the tides rise..

The rivers overspill into homes,
That belong to other people.
All on headlines ..
And all on the news,

Rescued from the debris,
I see them alive .
With tears rolling down begging for  their lives.

Enough is enough for much awaited rain…
For yearning for it causes so much pain.


Much ❀ til next time.


30 thoughts on “My Country Weeps..!

    • Yes in deed,so depressing to watch fellow citizens suffer while we are safe n sound.Moreover we are trying our level best to be supportive in every possible way.Thank you for stopping by anyway dear πŸ™‚

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  1. When we see images on the news it’s overwhelming for the emotions, so many thoughts and feelings…when we are able to connect to individuals who are able to express themselves and share their story, we are connected.
    I would like to know, dear Shaz, how may I assist?

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    • Thank you very much for your kind gesture my dear.Right now there is anormous number of relief/aid coming in.We are too doing our Level best in contributing on all means of assistance.So nice to come across large hearted people like you Grace.May God bless you.Thanks once again πŸ˜€


  2. I am so very sorry for the devastation…..My heart goes out to you and all of the area of Sri Lanka and its people will be in my thoughts and prayers. I hope there is now beginning to be some relief.

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    • Thank you for stopping by and going through my post. Yes! By God’s grace things are getting better. We,along with some relief Organizations are trying our level best in helping the effected people.Hoping to see them Happy very soon.Thank you once again : )


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