Little things that make you Happy.


  Chocolate mouse cake &Cinnamon iced tea we had @Tea Breeze

So it was yet another Saturday again.Nothing seemed very interesting though.
Thinking of what to do today,my daughter suggests that we’d go shopping.And this time in a Tuktuk ride.And so did we.
[Tuktuk-A three wheeler, The most convenient mode of transport during peak hours on busy Srilankan roads]

Since it was only the two of us on a shopping spree we decided to go to the mall at Race course Colombo,a place where you’d find many flagship stores ranging from lingerie to stationery.

We managed to visit many boutiques including Amante to which I became a patron recently. Having purchased all our necessities in bags full,We, my daughter and I headed towards the cafeteria to quench our thirst since we were so exhausted due to the ongoing hot weather .Entering the cafeteria my daughter’s pick was the Tea Breeze a quiet hang out spot quite popular for its desserts and Teas.In we went.

Having had a delicious slice of Chocolate Mousse Cake and a heavenly Cinnamon iced Tea satisfied our hunger and thirst for that moment.

Little did we realised about the time we spent enjoying our little trip out.
And so it was time  for us to return back home.
Once again we got to the road to catch a tuktuk and drove home happily after spending an awesome Mother-daughter time.
This being yet another casual outing which may not sound that special but little trips like these are often to be cherished.For it not only makes us happy but also makes memories and bonding stronger.
After all nothing’s more precious than occasionally spending afew hours with children away from home.No matter how old they are.

Til next time♥


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