Fashion & Fakes

Being fashionable is what I’ve adored from the time I started choosing my own outfits.Going through fashion magazines which were found only abroad at that time and grooming my self accordingly was one of my favorite past time.Slipping on to my aunts high heels (since my mom was not a fan of heels) was a treat for me when I was a little girl.This made me  fall madly in love with shoes and handbags.Thanks to my uncle who travels abroad frequently and fills my bucket list each time.I very often collected my pocket money to make it for the seasonal sales at that time.Every passing year was filled with a variety of shoes and handbags in my closet.Due to the tropical climate of our country life span of shoes and handbags were so minimal. At that time we were not heard of fashion brands,it was only the Original designer brands that often came across in magazines which costs a fortune and that too was patronized only by celebrities and the aristocratic lot in the society.So people were more contended with what ever they could afford.Owning a branded handbag was like winning a lottery in our part of the world.


Then came the affordable fashion brands creating a mania amongst the society. An epidemic I would say wide spreading across the globe. Men/women regardless of age are being effected by this craze including myself.Even kids nowadays are very particular in selecting their own stuff to keep up with the trend not because of its affordability or availability but most importantly the Brand ambassadors being their favorite celebrity.Or simply because its cool!


Along with the Brand invation came the counterfeits,the fakes of all the most popular brands creating a menace on the other hand.Priced according to Gradings and the country of origin.Some are surprisingly cheap in price as well as in appearance.
Which I would definitely consider a real waste of money when compared with quality.
So saying a big NO to fakes I would rather patronize affordable fashion Brands rather than being spotted with a replica in public.



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